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Dedicated To Providing Quality

Surgical Lasers Operated by Expert Technologists.

  • A large selection of treatment lenses

  • Available for regular or as needed scheduling

  • ​No minimun number of patients

  • No set up fees

  • No cancellation fees

  • No travel fees

  • Can provide lasers to your office, hospital or surgery center

  • Certified Laser Safety Officer (LSO)

  • ​RepTrax ready

  • Servicing the greater Los Angeles County area including Orange County and most of Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

  • Liability insurance

 Nidek YC 1600



-YAG focus shift from posterior 500 to anterior 500 μm

-Parallel optics

-Observer's tube upon request

-Magnification changer



Laserex LQP 3106



-High power

-Convergent optics

-Magnification changer







Lumenis Novus Spectra (dual-port)


Will fit on your Haag-Streit or Zeiss style scope


I can provide either a Haag-Streit 900

or a Zeiss 30SL-M (Observer's tube available for the Zeiss)


Indirect Ophthalmoscope


A large variety of lenses from wide angle to suture lysis

Lumenis Selecta II


Will fit on your Haag-Streit style scope


I can provide a Hagg-Streit 900


I have the Latina lens or three-mirror lenses if you prefer




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